Stepup Development

From model to application

Stepup Development creates applications to bring your ideas, concepts and models to life.

We help you to get the most out of your ideas by creating applications your audience will love to use.

New technology

Mobile devices have broadened the way we interact with data and our daily environment. Spotting new possibities requries a curious mind and the wachtfull eye.

Stepup keeps on looking for ways to leverage new technologies.

Advanced Field Information

One of the concepts Stepup is working on is AFI (Advanced Field Information): a new perspective on monitoring and controlling industrial processes.
Stepup developed for the WIB (the dutch Process Automation Users' Association) a concept using emerging technologies like Augmented Reality to create a new view control room and in-field visualisation.

Development by Stepup

Stepup brings over 15 years of application and web development experience into the journey. We've seen trends come and go. The good parts we kept, the almost good we adapted to suit our needs. The lesser parts we keep in mind as lessons.


  • Repeatablity, reusibility and flexibility we use when we're crafting our solutions.
  • Fun, New, Exiciting set us off on exploring new technologies.
  • Value, Smooth user experience and Relevance we commit to.

Ideas, concepts & models

Great ideas and concepts need a solid implementation to reach a broad public. Stepup implements your models into software applications.


Concepts are what we bring to life. We choose the platforms that fit the concepts: Android, iOS, Desktop, Web.

As long as it adds value.

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